June 2


11:00 - 12:30

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Impact Hub

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Look with us at the 1st chapter of IMPACT IS THE NEW MOBILE to understand where we are now and what we all can do right away.

About this Event

We all know that a website is only a good website if its mobile version is at least equally well performing as the desktop version. A mobile version is an absolute Must-Have and what seems normal to all of us today, was a long time coming process behind the scenes.

The same destiny is happening to businesses of all sizes and industries. For a few years now, it has been expected from businesses to create and drive positive impact and not only have good products/services or rising profits. What slowly started to develop in the past years, now is suddenly put in the spotlight. In times of COVID-19, the impact aspects of your business are becoming important NOW and it is the best time to start implementing them in your brand and business.

We invite you to look with us at the 1st chapter of IMPACT IS THE NEW MOBILE to understand where we are now and what we all can do right away.

We will talk about:

What is impact? Why is it relevant in times of COVID19 and beyond?

Regenerative business framework & other impact models (tools, practices, trends that can help you lead from the emerging future)

Importance of communication & content marketing

7 tips for Content Marketing for acting in a crisis

2 approaches that will work post crisis

Human Centred approach

Responsible Storytelling


Arlind Haxhijaj, Founder Coolab

Workshop Hosts:

Christina Forster

I believe that every business, brand or product has a story to tell – and that’s a good one, too. My own story started in the field of journalism but already in 2005 she moved from print to online. However, it was only during my 8 years in London when I discovered how Content Marketing, Storytelling and Responsible Communication can enable sustainable success for a business – something that became my biggest passion. Since then I am helping clients – ranging from big corporation to startups, telling their stories by creating human centered content strategies for internal and external use. Throughout my career I have worked in the fashion, sports, music but also media and IT industry with companies such as Red Bull, Nivea, Labello, Boden or Cisco Austria. Startups I love to support with DIY tool-kits for Content Marketing, so everyone can implement it themselves.

Bistra Kumbaroska

Poetry is what I am, everything else is what I do and what I do is supporting individuals, organisations and companies in combining innovative tools to grow their impact. In 2008, I was one of the core drivers of a movement in Macedonia that resulted with today’s most popular youth portal in CEE Region, My passion for entrepreneurship took me on a journey through Europe, Sub-Sahara Africa, and South-East Asia, supporting the creation of meaningful jobs for youth, together with partners like the European Commission, UN PRME and other international organisations. I have been involved in the creation and scaling of more than 5 networks and entities across different sectors in CEE and have organized, facilitated and shared my experience at more than 132 international events and conferences so far. At the moment, I am a managing partner of Vienna-based agency Heartbeats Innovation & Communication and I focus my time on innovations in impact management, civil society, community management, impact-driven businesses and international convenenings.

Guest Speaker:

Barbara Inmann, Managing Director, Impact Hub Viena