September 25


16:00 - 19:00

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Impact Hub Manila

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This webinar seeks to uncover the youth’s notion of what Filipino culture and arts are.


Filipino culture has been shaped by numerous influences, both foreign and local. It is also what often inspires the multitude of art in different mediums such as film, music, dance, visual arts, and so much more. It is safe to say that these arts, however, have drastically evolved throughout the years as there has been a shift in popularity from traditional to digital art coupled with the shift in attitude with regards to art.

The youth of today belong to the generation that will dictate the future of the Filipino culture. The hope of positively preserving the culture of the past in integration with the voice of tomorrow strongly remains. There is a pressing need for Filipino culture to shine through modern concepts. With this, we hope to uncover the youth’s notion of what Filipino culture and arts are through this webinar.

Discussion Points:

  • Exposition on the Filipino Youth Sector

i. Current state of culture and the arts in the Philippines among the youth

  • Insights on what Culture and Arts Mean to the Filipino Youth

i. How culture has shaped the speakers’ respective art form

ii. How Filipino art has been a medium of culture and self-expression

iii. How Filipino art has evolved over the past few years


Believing in the power in every youth’s voice, Impact Hub Manila in partnership with Manila Bulletin’s Youth Section, is proud to present the Manila Bulletin (MB) Youth Talks!

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