November 18


17:00 - 19:00

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Being an entrepreneur is mentally challenging. Let’s explore the topic of mental health and resilience together.

Being an entrepreneur can be mentally challenging, especially this year. When we reflect on what entrepreneurs need in 2020, we feel that an infusion of mental health is an answer. We strongly believe that mental health is a long-term success factor for any entrepreneur.

Join us in our initiative to openly discuss mental health and entrepreneurship.

  • We will look at why this role is challenging and how you can check whether you are on a good path.
  • We will offer you insights into how other entrepreneurs cope and what are the strategies that work for them.
  • We will see how resilience can be built up.
  • We will have a shared learning session with the opportunity to build connections.

Our goal is to leave with some useful and applicable tools. The event is planned as an open event so you can join as it fits you.

Let’s stay mentally well, and let’s connect!

Note: This event is accompanied by a daily morning meditation session during the week. Join us!


17:00 – Exploring the Relationship between Mental Health & Entrepreneurship

Mental health is important! We start our event with an in-depth perspective on the connection between mental health and entrepreneurship. An entrepreneur’s journey is filled with uncertainty, challenges, obstacles and changes. Learn how to take care of your mental health!

Join us to find out the answers to the questions below:

  • What is Mental Health?
  • Why is Mental Health important?
  • What factors influence your Mental Health as an Entrepreneur?
  • What are some strategies that can help you address these factors?
  • What are the signs that your Mental Health is being affected?
  • How can you evaluate them and be more aware of their impact?

Speaker: Roxana Petrus

17:30 – Let’s connect

We explore the topic together in smaller groups. Learning session with the opportunity to build connections

18:00 – Insider Stories: Two Entrepreneurs share their own Challenges and Recipes.

There is always hope and a way to follow, even when your brain tells you there isn’t.

As entrepreneurs Phillip and Julia are confronted with mental challenges in their daily, dynamic tasks. If you want to get ahead, there is no room for negative blockages or unhealthy stress. In this session they will tell you their techniques for a healthier mindset in an entertaining and concise way.

Speaker: Julia Maria Oeschger and Philipp Bracher

18:30 – How to be a resilient entrepreneur

Responding to challenges from a place of openness and trust instead of a place of scarcity and fear is vital if you want to thrive and not just survive as an entrepreneur. You can learn to develop a resilient mindset. What is needed are three elements: attention, intention and cultivation. Don’t begin to weave your parachute when the next major challenge arises, better start now.

Speaker: George Peterbus


This event is part of the Global Entrepreneurship Week Basel and co-created by woowai, beinresonance, and

The event is kindly supported by the Impact Hub Basel. We are very greatful for their support.


This is a hybrid event. You can join online or on site at the Impact Hub Basel if the covid-19 situation will allow it. We will update you a week ahead of the event.

Impact Hub, Münchensteinerstrasse 274a, CH-4053 Basel


Roxana Petrus is a coach, psychologist and emotional health specialist with a background in cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy. She currently supports amazing individuals in managing their emotional difficulties and reaching their emotional balance through one-on-one coaching, programs and projects. | LinkedIn

Julia Maria Oeschger is a healthcare project manager and prospective health coach with a background in modern nutrition lifestyle and marketing. Together with her siblings, she launched a blog this summer: Be triohealthy – consciousness, nutrition and exercise. Behind the blog, various business ideas are currently being evaluated with the mission to improve the health of tomorrow in order to reduce chronic diseases. | LinkedIn

Philipp Bracher brings digital visions to life. He coaches you from ideation to roll-out. He does this by establishing an agile innovation culture and by enabling stellar teamwork. For more than 10 years he has led a Swiss tech start-up to success in the roles of CTO and Product Manager and looks back on two decades of experience in software product development. Philipp is a proven enabler of innovation processes and agile culture and a coach for leaders and teams, including remote teams. He believes in the potential of people and ideas and is a passionate meditation practitioner since his teenage years. | LinkedIn

George Peterbus is the founder of resonance and an entrepreneur himself. He coaches individuals and teaches mindfulness, resilience and well-being in organisations. resonance also offers guidance to organisations on their journey to humane self-organised networks (agile being). | LinkedIn