October 26


9:30 - 10:30

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An event to help business for good sell without selling their souls, with Tim Jones – The Grow Good Guy.

Taking my own learnings from way longer than I’d choose to admit in a career as a professional salesperson, I’ve curated this special event to help business for good sell without selling their souls!

This modern approach to selling WITH soul gets to the heart of why most impact driven businesses don’t like sales – becasue they think it’s a bit yucky!

The result is that they don’t make enough impact because they are in survival, not thrival mode!

By the end of this inspirational and motivational session though, we’ll have turned that around.

By the end of our time together you will:

1. Know the 4 beliefs that need to be aligned for successful selling;

2. Be aware of the 5 specific sales based limiting beliefs that stop you from making the impact you must & how to overcome them;

3. Know how we turn up to work mentally affects our performance

4. Know how to create a peak state of mind and maintain that for increased performance.

What Previous Attendees Said:

“Outstanding – best course I’ve done”

“Really relevant & applicable”

“Tim was great, really engaged and on point, one of the best courses I’ve attended”

“I have to say I am feeling the most energised that I have been in weeks 🙂 Tim that session was buzzing, thank you so much for coming in and bringing the positive vibes to our day and some practical take-homes for our sales approach!”

“That. Was. Epic.”

Who Is Tim Jones?

Tim Jones is The Grow Good Guy. He’s a specialist trainer and coach who works with individuals and organisations to help them tap into their Purpose Fuelled Performance. His purpose-focused consulting, coaching and training programmes are specially designed for those that want to use their skills to achieve meaningful goals in life and work.

His business Grow Good is one of the founding B Corps in New Zealand and he’s also the B Corp Ambassador for New Zealand. After a 10 year corporate career in sales and business development, he transitioned to use his skills as a force for good!

Since then, amongst other things, he has worked as General Manager Of Growing Good for Kilmarnock Enterprises (a world-leading impact organisation and B Corp), was Head of Sales for NZ and UK BCorp CoGo and has run hugely successful training events for impact led organisations in Australia and New Zealand.

For more information on Tim please check out his website or his LinkedIn Profile