September 23


9:30 - 11:00

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How to create an online training that your audience will love

E-learning isn’t the future. It’s happening now. And it’s here to stay.

In this Skillshare Breakfast webinar, you’ll learn how to move your offline training online. We’ll talk about how you can come up with training ideas as well as how to structure them.

If you’ve been wondering how to start with online training and how to make it more engaging, this is the right webinar for you.

After this session, you’ll know the 5 most important steps to start and make online training content that your audience will love.

What will you learn about at this Skillshare Breakfast?

➡️ Why online teaching is here to stay

➡️ How to come up with online training ideas that your audience will love

➡️ 5 tips to move your offline trainings online

➡️ How to choose the right content format

➡️ The 4 questions you need to address in your training to make it effective

➡️ The best tools to make your live webinars interactive

➡️ A step-by-step guide on how to start with teaching online

What you need for this webinar:

➡️ Zoom account

➡️ Zoom client

About our Skillshare Breakfast:

This Skillshare Breakfast will happen BOTH ONLINE AND OFFLINE, so you can choose to either attend the live event at Impact Hub Vienna or to join us online via Zoom (link will be released closer to the event), so choose your ticket accordingly (Workshop ticket for live attendance, Webinar ticket to join online) .

About the presenter:

Francis Rafal is a video entrepreneur and educator based in Vienna, Austria, currently working on three ventures in the media industry: The Content Creation School teaches businesses how to create digital content like photos, videos, or podcasts to engage their audience.

The film production company Rafal Studios produces high-end commercials and video content. And Ninjawerk engineers top-notch but easy-to-use film equipment for professionals.

Francis has already taught over 4,000 people offline and online how to create better content and is the author of the highest-rated video production online course on Udemy „Filmen mit dem Smartphone (German: How to shoot videos on your smartphone)“.

Before starting his entrepreneurial journey, Francis worked as a physics teacher in a secondary school.

About #10SkillsFor2030:

2020 is a special year for Impact Hub Vienna: It has been 10 years since Impact Hub Vienna opened its doors (celebrate with us at #10YearsIHV!) and we have 10 years left to achieve the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.

Based on the OECD Learning Compass 2030, we’ve identified 10 skills needed for changemakers to make the Sustainable Development Goals 2030 a reality. Each of our Skillshare Breakfasts this year will focus on one of these skills to help you create a world that works for all. Curious? Learn more here: