October 6


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Fundraising can be one of the most challenging activities for an entrepreneur. Hear about the do’s and don’ts during Unpack Impact!

According to a recent report by, in the past ten years, barely 5.7 percent of all investments in Dutch startups went to companies with a female co-founder. This huge disparity translates into investment amounts, where startups founded by men received an average of 5.6 million euros in 2018, compared to 1 million euros going to those with female founders. While providing female entrepreneurs with fairer opportunities and access to funding is integral to an equal and just market, mixed teams also perform better. International studies show that startups that embrace diversity are more versatile and resilient. What’s more, investing in female-led endeavours has double impact: more opportunities provided for entrepreneurs means more social impact!


Our special keynote speaker is Hedda Pahlson-Moller, founder and CEO of Hedda is a private investor, independent director, adjunct professor, and advisor on issues related to impact finance, sustainability and diversity management.

Hedda is an active board member on funds and organisations working with and towards triple bottom line and positive societal impact. Her focus is on inclusion, gender-lens investing and climate change financing.


Mariah Mansvelt Beck, co-founder of YONI, discusses her experiences with investment and investors. It’s been quite a ride already and a lot of lessons learned, to share with entrepreneurs and investors alike.

Followed by a conversation with Bertrand van Leersum, investment manager at Borksi Fund, which invests in female entrepreneurs. The major banks of the Netherlands are the current investors in the fund, and they are looking for more investors, such as family offices.


14:45 Virtual walk-in

15:00 Welcome by Tatiana Glad, introducing Impact Hub learning and opportunities for female entrepreneurs.

15:10 Welcome & Keynote by Hedda Pahlson-Moller, followed by Q&A.

16.00 Conversation with Mariah Mansvelt Beck, co-founder of YONI and Bertrand van Leersum, investment manager at Borksi Fund.

16:40 Q&A

16:45 Closing

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