Now that COVID-19 and climate change have profoundly disrupted society and our economies, how might we innovate investment in impact and build more just, equitable, and resilient economies by 2030?

We are addressing this at the Impact Hub Houston’s “Investing2030: Redefining the Future of ROI” Summit on Thursday, May 20th, from 12:00pm CT to 5:00pm CT!

Investing2030 aims to provide a window into this future, where a surge in entrepreneurs developing “glocal” (global+local) solutions to the world’s most pressing issues intersects with the next generation of funders implementing triple-bottom-line investing with an Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) lens.

From climate change to economic, gender, and racial inequalities to crises in health, education, and more — areas targeted by the global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) — we know that it will require more inclusion, more ideas, more innovation, and more investment to effectively address all of these issues and get our planet on a positive track by 2030.

You will walk away from Investing2030 with a better understanding of:

  • Diverse types of impact ventures and social entrepreneurs
  • What fundraising looks like in different regions, industries and verticals
  • How to raise funding at various stages of growth
  • What entrepreneurs’ *real* challenges have been for fundraising in Houston
  • …And more! 

Investing2030 is happening during Houston Tech Rodeo May 18-24 and is open to all: entrepreneurs, startup founders, students, and community members who are interested in learning more about transforming “Return On Investment” into “Return On Impact.” And it’s FREE and virtual, so all can attend! Registration is still open — Join us to learn from and connect with people at the forefront of our Impact + Investment ecosystem!

Register now and join us to learn the Future of ROI: